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New Products – Argo 8×8 XTV

Canadian ARGO XTV is the undisputed leader in amphibious vehicles. Designed for the toughest jobs, ARGO is the preferred choice of adventurers, professionals, hunters, nature lovers, researchers. ARGO easily tackles the most challenging  terrains imaginable, can swim, crosses the ponds and streams, handles every type of terrain. ARGOs are used by armed forces, they transport rescue equipment to remote accident sites, use them by paramedics, natural parks rangers, are ideal for mountain, fire and wilderness rescues, offroad patrols, but also used by privateers to transport to remote areas, for fishing and hunting. Simply put: if you need to go over the mud, water or ice – ARGO XTV can get you to places that are inaccessible to other vehicles. Light weight and wide, low-pressure tires give ARGO low ground pressure making it extremely environmentally friendly. In our offer you´ll find the best-selling AVENGER 8×8 and AURORA 8×8 XTV with the new Progressive Steering System (APS). 

More information at: https://www.aspgroup.eu/znacky/argo